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Civilization advances as we allow ourselves to grow in grace - to know Mind's intelligent presence and power, to bend to Truth's rod, and to feel God's love. I seemed to have been born into darkness, but I chose not to remain there. At an early age, I recognized the terrible error and empty promise of the human ego and began, in very simple ways, to search for wholeness. My conscience was always active, and I often pondered its message while surrounded by troubling events. I discovered that the "still, small voice" of truth was always right and "a very present help in trouble." There were times when I chose to ignore or disobey the voice, and I paid dearly for my negligence, but I gradually began to cherish the divine directive.

By the age of eighteen I began studying the works of Mary Baker Eddy in earnest and became thoroughly convinced, through many tests of my faith, that metaphysical laws were discoverable and applicable to every facet of human experience. Visions and profound insights that appeared to come directly from the divine source were burned into my memory like searchlights on the shore of time.

I feel compelled to gather and record some of these insights and demonstrations in order to bear witness to what I have seen and acknowledged as Truth in the hope that my experiences will encourage others to pursue the universal gifts offered by Christ and the Comforter.

This book includes a collection of articles on Christian Science, the results of a study into the profound utility of Mary Baker Eddy's Manual of The Mother Church, a spiritual translation of The Song of Solomon, and a selection of personal experiences and testimonies of healing. Mary Baker Eddy wrote, "Future ages must declare what the pioneer has accomplished" (SH vii:25). This book is my expression of gratitude for her accomplishment, for without her guidance, I would have been growing at a much slower pace.

There is much that has been written in heaven that has not yet been recorded on earth, and more spiritual progress is needed to advance mankind. Jesus implored us to listen with spiritual ears and to have eyes focused on infinity when he said, "Behold, the kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:21). In other words, having audience with infinite intelligence is within our capabilities now. Christ declared, "I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you" (John 14:18). At a time when I was searching for identity and purpose, I heard an angel messenger say, "You will be given a daily provision from the church for singing." I hereby offer a few precious verses that hint at harmony's love-filled melody.

With much gratitude,
George Denninger